How to Fix Sage Error Code 1935

How To Fix Sage Error Code 1935

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Sage 50 is a highly acclaimed business accounting software which has the potential feature to mobilize financial and accounting operations. The software is well efficient in handling the functionalities of the business which would help in saving time and money of the business owner. Even though this software is filled with features, there are times when the users encounter technical and functional errors which may lead to serious malfunctioning. One similar issue is the Sage error code 1935; this Sage error is identified as an installation error and has been continuously reported by the software users. Users can go through this blog to understand more about this error and to find ideal methods to solve it. The users also have the option connecting with Sage Contact Number where they can attain professional assistance.

Understanding Sage Error Code 1935

The Sage Error Code 1935 is an error which comes when the users try to install assembly components. Whenever you encounter this error, you would receive the message ‘Getting Error: ‘1935 cannot install assembly component during the installation of sage 50’.’

Major Causes for Sage Error 1935

There are multiple reasons because of which you can come across the Sage error code 1935. It is essential that the users know the exact reason causing the error so that they can efficiently solve the issue. Some of the reasons for this error code is as given below:

Antivirus Program: There are various antivirus software programs which isolated specific installation files; this is what results in causing the error code on your system.

Applications running in the background: When multiple applications are running in the background it will create issues in the proper installation of the Sage program. Hence it is recommended that when you are installing the Sage software, you close all the programs which are running in the backdrop.

.Net Framework Issue: There are times when there might be an issue with the Framework library as it is one of the most preferred by the installation wizards.

Recent Windows Update: There are chances that the issue that you are facing is because of the previous update that you have done. In such a case it is suggested that you verify the last update.

Damaged Files installed: The issue could arise when the download file which was previously installed is damaged due to incomplete/improper download.

How to solve the Sage Installation Error 1935

When you can understand the exact reason which is causing the installation malfunction, it would become much easier for you to solve the issue. This is the reason that it is said to diagnose the problem first. It depends on the cause of the issue that you can efficiently solve it. Some of the most suitable troubleshooting methods have been stated to you below:

Solution 1: Verify the Windows Updates

  • Access the option of Windows Start à Control Panel à Windows Updates.
  • Go to the option of Change Settings.
  • Now select the option of ‘Never check for updates’ and then click on OK.
  • Further, navigate to Windows Start à Control Panel à Administrative Tools à
  • Here check for any Windows Updates.
  • Now click on service and then choose the option of Stop.
  • After having made the changes, install Sage 50 Accounting Program.
  • Once the installation has been complete go back to the changes that you had made earlier and undo them.
  • After the changes have been undone, install all the Windows updates which were pending.

Solution 2: Use a Third Party Software

  • Take assistance from third-party software such as Glance Microsoft KB 902330.
  • Properly analyze that there are not messages that you are receiving any more.

Solution 3: .Net Framework

  • If you find that both the given solutions fail to solve the error, then it could be a problem with the Operating System.
  • It is then suggested that all the Sage users update to .Net framework 4.5 on the system which prefers Windows Vista, 7, 8. Windows XP users should uninstall and then reinstall the .Net 4.0 framework.

If you find any difficulty in solving the issue using the above-given steps, then the most suitable option that you would have left with you is to connect with Sage Customer Support Number. They would provide you with all the necessary assistance in solving the issue in hand.