How to Resolve Error Message 404 and 500 in Xero

How to resolve Error message 404 and 500 in xero

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Xero is an accounting software that offers you a host of time-saving tools to stay on top of your accounts and better manage your finances. Whenever the software encounters an error it is generally expressed in the form of HTTP response codes and errors. Most of these errors on Xero can be solved by implementing some simple troubleshooting steps. However, one in a while Xero users may face a critical software error for which you will need to call the Xero technical support number and ask for advanced technical assistance. This blog highlight two of the most common Xero errors, 404 and 500, and what you can do to solve these errors.

Xero System Status Page

Whenever you encounter any error on Xero the first thing you need to do is to check the Xero System Status Page to see if there are any system-wide issues that are behind the problem. The system status page includes information about current and past issues related to Xero services. If you see a message in green that reads “All Systems Operational” then you can be sure that there are not issues that are unresolved. If all the services are tagged as ‘operational’ then you can refer to the solutions give below to try and resolve the respective Xero errors.

Steps to solve Xero Error Code 404

Error code 404 indicates that the resource the user specified could not be found. You can refer to the steps below to fix the error 404 in Xero:

  • Step 1: Press F5 or right-click the mouse and refresh the Xero page
  • Step 2: Log out of the current Xero session and login again
  • Step 3: Be sure to use the Xero URL when you log in instead of a bookmark
  • Step 4: Delete the cookies and clear the cache so that no old data is stored on the browser and so that Xero will load faster.

Steps to solve Xero Error Code 500

Xero error code 500 is an internal error that is related to the Xero API. You can try implementing the troubleshooting steps given below to resolve the error on Xero:

  • Step 1: Clear the cache and cookies regularly so Xero runs smoothly
  • Step 2: Logout of Xero, restart the browser and then log in once again
  • Step 3: Use a different browser or computer to access your Xero account
  • Step 4: Reach out to a business associate to verify if they are experiencing a similar error.

If none of the steps mentioned above helps you fix the error in Xero then it is possible that your system or the software has some deeper technical malfunction. In this situation, it is best that you call the Xero support phone number and consult a trained technician to see if you can implement more advanced troubleshooting steps. Xero experts are available 24 hours a day to give you the best solution to resolve error 404 and error 500 as soon as possible.