How To Setup Email in QuickBooks

How To Setup Email in Quickbooks

QuickBooks is accounting software that operates for small and mid-size business and holds a strong and large capacity. The software can be integrated with many products and also has the capability to provide an ample number of services. The QuickBooks desktop products can be easily integrated with emails and some of them include Microsoft Outlook, Web-mail, and QuickBooks mail. Whenever you are trying to set up email in QuickBooks, usually the given three are shown as an option based on the version that you have installed. You can keep on reading further in order to understand the correct procedure for setting up email in QuickBooks and if required, you may also dial the QuickBooks support number for assistance.

Microsoft Outlook is the perfect option to be integrated with QuickBooks as it helps the users with the highest degree of control. QuickBooks email is the least preferred and Web-mail allows the users to connect through Yahoo, Google, etc.

How to setup email service in QuickBooks

For Microsoft Outlook

  • Create a Microsoft Outlook account profile. If you are already active on this service, then skip the step.
  • Then open the QuickBooks software and move to the main menu and look for the option of setting up Outlook as the Email client.
  • After that enter the server and the port settings, which includes your username and password, incoming and outgoing mail server address and type.
  • After that, you can proceed to set up Outlook in QuickBooks
  • Navigate back to the QuickBooks menu and go to Preferences and after that choose ‘Send Forms’. This all will be done by going to the QuickBooks Edit menu
  • From there choose Outlook and select Okay or press enter.

For webmail

QuickBooks 2019 has been made available for Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Windows Mail, and AOL whereas QuickBooks 2018 is not available for Yahoo, Windows mail and AOL. The option of webmail is not available for QuickBooks 2017 R4 and for 2017 R5, the option of Gmail service is only available.

  • Open the QuickBooks desktop software and go to the Edit menu.
  • From there select Preferences>Send Forms
  • Now choose Webmail and select/click on the Add button
  • Now in the drop down box, select the email provider and type the email address.
  • Make sure that everything that has been asked for is entered.
  • After that when asked for sign in to the Intuit account and your webmail login page will start displaying on the screen.
  • Login with ID.

This is how you can set up the email services in QuickBooks desktop and use it from the same platform. For any help that is needed, you can always contact QuickBooks customer service number for the same.