How to Upgrade QuickBooks

How to upgrade QuickBooks

Almost every year, QuickBooks comes with new updates. Specific changes are made in the accounting software to improve its overall performance. If you are looking forward to an exact procedure of updating the QuickBooks Desktop to its latest release, then you can surely go through this blog. Or, you can also dial QuickBooks Phone number and have a word with the experts on this matter.

The users can upgrade QuickBooks in two different ways. You can download the new version either by going for an ‘Automatic Upgrade’ or by opting for ‘Manual Upgrade.’ Let’s explore the two options individually. Also note that when you are installing a new version of the software, you should make a few changes in the database to make it compatible.

Updating QuickBooks via Automatic Mode

If you are going for automatic updates, then it allows the software to make the changes itself as soon as it detects one. It happens even when the software is not actively running in the Windows. To do so, follow the given steps

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and then click on ‘Help’ Menu
  • Select the option of ‘Update QuickBooks.’
  • After that click on ‘Update Now’ and then choose ‘Get updates’
  • All the current updates will get downloaded. Once done, exit the software and restart QuickBooks to let the changes take effect.
  • Once you are restarting QuickBooks, put a checkmark near the option of ‘Install all new updates.’

To enable the Automatic Feature

  • Go to ‘QuickBooks Help’, and then select ‘Update QuickBooks’
  • Select Options>Click on the option near ‘Turn on Automatic updates.’
  • After that exit from the program.
  • ( Enabling the automatic update option will allow the software to install the latest releases on its own)

Updating QuickBooks in Manual Mode

  • Firstly, you need to close all the company files that are open in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Click on ‘QuickBooks File’ menu and then click on the Company that is open and after that select ‘Log Off.’
  • Once done, exit from the programs and right-click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon
  • Choose the option to ‘Run as administrator.’
  • After that open Help Menu, and then click on ‘Update QuickBooks.’
  • Put a tick mark near ‘ Mark All’ and save the changes
  • After that put a tick mark near ‘Get updates’ and after the Updates are downloaded, exit from QuickBooks.
  • Once done, restart the system.

Depending on which way is suitable for you, you can go for either Automatic or Manual Updates. If you require assistance when you are executing the process or feel that you are stuck at some point; then you can always take the expert advice of QuickBooks Technical Support Number team.