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Sage Customer Support Number

Accounting software’s have made the lives of business enterprises and organizations quite easy. They have been programmed in such a way that they are equipped to handle all ranges of finances, calculations, invoices, etc. that are required for a company to maintain the accounts. Different types of cloud-based and desktop accounting software’s have been made available in the employment industry and Sage accounting software is one of them. Accounting Support Helpline is a website that makes it easy for entrepreneurs or even well-established businessmen to understand this application. Here, the users get answers to all of their queries related to Sage. Whether you have any issues, want to understand any scenario, the customer care executives at Sage Technical support number will be at your service 24X7. The information provided on this website has been put up after an extensive research process.

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Phenomenal Features of Sage Accounting Software:

Whether it is a startup or a settled enterprise, this application with its incredible features have made the financial transactions and accounting matters just effortless. Some of the features that are worth giving a look are:

  • The software is really easy to operate and provides a user-friendly interface even for non-accountant users or persons who are stepping in the business world for the first time.
  • Sage is compatible with all platforms such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets and provides the users with a sense of comfort to operate it from any place possible.
  • With its automatic HR, accurate bank reconciliations and VAT returns, you can discover real-time business insights and manage things smoothly.
  • The software can be used in multiple regions, languages, and countries and thus not making it a barrier in any kind.
  • The software also helps the users to stay active and in touch with the tax changes going on in the market.

Why you need the help of Sage Customer Care?

Even though Sage being quite easy to use and accounting software with so many phenomenal features, but still for the first time users, it can cause a little bit of trouble. The users might need external technical help in order to understand its working. This is where the support of Sage Customer Care comes under function. The technical support is not only limited to those who are the first time users, but to all of those who will have or might have issues with this software. The features that you can rely upon with this support are:


  • All-Round clock support for any kind of troubles with the software and guaranteed solutions.
  • Well-researched answers provided by the expert technicians
  • A platform where all your concerns will be resolved and that too deep within the core
  • A place where customer satisfaction is given the ultimate importance making sure that you do not carry any grievances
  • The adepts, who are good listeners, understand your problem and then provide you with some instant solutions.
  • Certified and trained professionals who are in constant touch with any recent changes.
  • The number can be accessed irrespective of time and place.

Common Sage Technical Issues

As discussed, Sage is software even though with some amazing features. But, there can be some issues related with this software that can make an individual ponder upon the situation making it quite worrisome for them if it is not resolved timely. But with the support of Sage customer care number, there remains no chance to fret. Some of the issues that can cause a minimal disturbing effect are:

  • Issues while developing an email to send.
  • Troubles in accomplishing the third party integration in the software.
  • Sometimes, you are prevented to enter into the Sage 50 database.
  • Not able to sync the bank accounts with the software.
  • Unable to restore the backup.
  • Not able to locate the data files saved on the server.

Frequently Asked Question

If you are among those, who are receiving an error of the Sage company file not opening, then you can take the help of the given solution:
  • Firstly, if any anti-virus software scan is running in the system, then make it inactive for a while.
  • Look out for any errors in the company files
  • See whether the company files have any concealed or read-only characteristics.
  • After that check the SAJ folder to see if it contains any similar file or folder.
If the Sage accounting Software fails to respond or stops working all of a sudden, then you can try these instant fixes and get rid of the problem within no time.
  • Verify if there is any interruption caused by the Anti-virus software in your system.
  • Ensure that the installation services have been done in a proper manner
  • Check for the damaged or corrupt registry files and remove them.
  • Clear the RAM, reboot the system and restart the software again.
  • Disable the programs and application causing troubles.
In order to configure a webmail account in Sage, you can implement the steps given below:
  • Open Sage accounting software, navigate to Setup, then settings and company.
  • Look for ‘Email option.
  • Now choose between setting the email option as default desktop email program or use a different webmail account.
  • After that select the option of ‘Add account information’
  • Go to the dropdown menu and choose the appropriate Webmail service
  • Provide the correct details and complete the process.
There can be many methods to deal with this error. Some of them include:
  • You need to use the email programs such as Microsoft Outlook, AOL mail, Mozilla Thunderbird that are compatible with Sage.
  • Make sure that your actual printer has been set as the default one and not any other
  • By fixing the Account control settings in the software that stay valid for the administrators.
  These are some of the common errors that one can face while operating this software. And for any other issues and troubles, the help at Sage Customer Care is readily available.
Frequently Asked Question

Sage 50 Software Why Choose Us?

Sage software is known for its unique process of managing the users’ need. It has been structured with high end technology and innovative methods. Thus it is very important to choose such support service that is well aware of the recent modification in technology and innovation. The world of technology has been changing rapidly, and it requires to keep updated all the time to catch the current flow of change. So a well-researched and equipped team can only handle the issues with the Sage accounting software. With the growing users’ need and demands, Sage has always been modifying itself continuously. It has been managing the idea of satisfaction in such a way that it can provide quality assurance of the user’s requirement. Now if you don’t promising support to solve your issue, then it would not be justifiable with the Standards of the Sage. So you should call at Sage 50 customer support number to achieve the best result in the shortest possible time with a clear approach of the professional mechanism of problem-solving. Once you call at the support number, you can easily notice the easy tackling even your complex issues. You will get handled by the most advanced and expert system of communication that ensures a well-guided solution with easy steps. You can call round the clock and can avail 24×7 customer support. So you don’t need to worry about the time and when you need expert support get to the phone and dial the number and quickly solve your issues. You can get remote access of solution that will be able to handle your computer or another from a distant location with your permission. So the experts will be handling your issues from a distant location by accessing your device. These are some features that you can avail to fix your issue.: